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EPSA 2021 Application process is now open!

Submit your innovative project to EPSA 2021 by 10th of May at 24.00 CET.

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EPSA 2021 About us

The Team


Ms Clara Cotroneo
Lecturer and Project Manager for the European Public Sector Award 2021


I am a lecturer, researcher and project manager at the European Institute of Public Administration. My areas of interest and expertise include digitalization and security, and the intersection between the two.

Why this role?

I am interested in how digitalization can improve decision-making, service access, planning, efficiency and delivery, transparency, and inclusiveness and how we can best tackle security challenges related to digitalization. I am looking forward to seeing brilliant projects which tackle challenges in these areas!



Ms Gracia Vara Arribas
Internal Expert for EPSA 2021

Why did you join the EPSA Team?

The Epsa project gathers the champions in good public administration, bringing  together proven public sector best practices across Europe. Being able to learn from leading-edge public best practices, is luxury for any one, so of course I was more than happy with the offer to join the EPSA team this edition again. During the past editions, I have witnessed the transformative effect this award has in all the entities participating. I very much look forward to be again inspired by innovative Public Sector solutions.




Michael Burnett
External consultant



Jolanda Peters 



Lukas Adomavičius
Assistant to the Project Coordinator EPSA 2021


I am passionate about the interaction between law and technologies as well as data protection issues that are of particular importance in our digital societies. As showcased by many projects in previous EPSA editions, this interaction is being addressed by European public administrations in many different innovative approaches. Therefore, I am looking forward to being part of the EPSA 2021 team and help with facilitating of sharing best European practices in this field.



Elena Velasco López

Assistant to Project Management EPSA 2021


I have a keen interest in European public policy, law, social issues and environmental awareness. I believe in a more sustainable society, therefore I deem essential to adapt the public sector by implementing new practices and developing new projects that fit the future needs. EPSA is the perfect tool to learn new approaches and creative solutions to these challenges. Therefore, I am honored in taking part in this project and join EPSA team by assisting in the management and coordination process.


Steering Committee EPSA 2021 is funded by the EU


Ms Danielle Bossaert
Ministry of Civil Service
Observatoire de la Fonction publique                        
Avenue de la Liberté, 63


Danielle Bossaert is responsible for the Observatory of the Civil Service, which is a unit of the Ministry of the Civil Service. The Observatory has been created to support the ministry of Civil Service in its modernization efforts through the delivery of more evidence-based knowledge, such as a systematic analysis of data, survey results, research, publications and the identification of good practices and experiences which have proven successful.

Why are you involved is the Ministry of Civil Service in Luxembourg sponsoring EPSA?

Follow-up of international trends, good practices and excellence in the field of public sector innovation is part of the mission of the Observatory of the Civil Service and the Ministry of Civil Service in Luxembourg.

What did you follow the past EPSA editions?

To be updated about public service transformation in Europe and how other EU Member States are coping with challenges which are common across Europe


Ms Susanne Caarls
Policy Officer
Secretariat General - SRSS                                             Governance and Public Administration Reform                       Country Coordinator for the Netherlands                             European Commission
Rue de la loi 170



Mr Jean Bruijnzeels
Account Manager
International Organisations and Institutions
Municipality of Maastricht
Economic Affairs and Culture Department
Mosae Forum 10



 Jean is responsible for the contacts between international institutes in the Maastricht region and the city itself. He has experience with co-creating events together with citizens, youth organizations, educational and international institutes.

 Why is the city of Maastricht sponsoring EPSA 2021?

As founding city of EIPA and a true European city, Maastrcnht welcomes and encourages public servants to work on a better Europe. That’s why Maastricht is proud to host the biannual final event of the EPSA!

 Why have you followed previous EPSA editions?

Previous editions have proved that the EPSA is both very rewarding and encouraging for the participants, and that it delivers perfect examples of actually effective  projects for colleagues all over Europe, who are working for the public good.

Further information on the city of Maastricth


Mr Frans van Dongen
Programme Manager
Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
Directorate of Public Sector Labour Affairs
P.O.Box 20011


Short bio

Currently I am working as a program manager at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

In this job I’m responsible for the development, exploration and dissemination of empirical and practical knowledge about the performance of the public sector (efficiency, effectiveness and innovation), including drivers for success.

I do this in close collaboration with various partners, both nationally and internationally. The purpose of these actions is to inspire and support government organizations to improve their performance.

The reasons why you/your department/Ministry are providing support to EPSA

With the EPSA awards-scheme, EIPA has developed a very valuable instrument to collect good practice examples of public management and governance in Europe.

These are a Europe-wide source of inspiration for public sector policymakers and practitioners to invest in better public performance. We believe that EPSA delivers value for money!

What you liked about previous editions

The previous editions of EPSA have proven to deliver a wide range of inspiring good practices in all kind of public domains and for all kind of relevant topics.

These examples challenge public sector policymakers and practitioners  all over Europe to evaluate their way of working at home and see what they can learn from each other.

Just an example: one of the winners of EPSA 2019, the Flemish “Groeipakket”, is now used as a source of inspiration in the discussion about an administrative reform in The Netherlands.  

A quote that might inspire all those who work to tackle challenges for citizens.

Use the experiences of your colleagues abroad and contact them!

It is not only valuable for reaching your professional goals, it will make your work also more pleasant and interesting!





Velia Ficchi
Office of the Prime Minister
Department for Public Administration
International Relations


In my office I am responsbile for the relations between the Italian Department for Public Administration and the relevant EU institutions, the EUPAN and EIPA.

I also handle relations with other international organisations such as the OECD, the IFM and the UN, and, bilaterally, with our ministerial level counterparts.



Eva Kovacs PhD
Senior Lecturer and Researcher of Public Services
Faculty of Science of Pubic Governance and Administration   National University of Public Service
Hungária krt 9-11



Eva Kovacs is Assistant Professor and researcher at the University of Public Service. Her main research interest focuses on government reforms and public service delivery

The University of Public Services (UPS) is committed to create an environment in which civil servants can help train themselves, develop special skills, learn new ideas and channel innovation to their working environment to the operation of government. The EPSA mission is in line with the UPS approach to encourage and reward government solutions that can give effective responses to citizens needs and new challenges. We believe that this innovative approach and sharing good practices within the European Union is mutually inspirational for governments. EPSA can create a cross-fertilising system of exchange of knowhow.

The University of Public Services (UPS) website:



Michael Kallinger
Head of Unit for Public Service Innovation in the Austrian Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport
Austrian Delegate to the OECD-Public Governance Committee and EUPAN-European Public Administration Network