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EPSA 2021 Application process is now open!

Submit your innovative project to EPSA 2021 by 10th of May at 24.00 CET.

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EPSA 2021 Target Group

All European public sector entities from all levels of government, as well as public sector enterprises and agencies, are eligible to submit their projects for the award.

In concrete terms, this includes, for example, all public sector entities such as EU institutions, departments, divisions or agencies of EU institutions, national governments, national government departments, divisions or agencies, 100% state-owned enterprises, cities, regions, provinces and other forms of sub-national authorities as well as departments, divisions or agencies of them or enterprises 100% owned by them.

It also includes those responsible for scrutiny of public entities such as regulatory, audit or judicial authorities.

Projects can be submitted jointly by more than one applicant but must designate a lead applicant.

The lead applicant must be a public sector entity - other applicants can be other public sector entities eligible to be lead applicants and/or private or mixed-capital entities, not for profit/third sector organisations or academic institutions.

The lead applicant must be of wholly European geographical origin (i.e. EU, EEA, EU candidate countries and other administrations wholly geographically located in Europe i.e. Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vatican City.

Previous EPSA participants may re-submit projects submitted to earlier EPSA editions insofar as they are based on a material adaptation, update and/or extension of past projects, including the achievement of significant further results since any previous submission.

Applicant entities may submit more than one project for EPSA 2021 but as noted below, any one project can only be submitted for one of the three themes set out below.

Projects which are in receipt of EU Funds are asked to indicate this in the application form, but this is not a condition of eligibility.

Applications open on February 15th and close on May 3rd.

You can submit your application here

Do you have questions about eligibility or the application process? Please send us an email at:

Examples of projects from past EPSA editions which could potentially have been suitable for the different EPSA 2021 themes are set out in the Annex below.

For the avoidance of doubt, these potential project ideas are intended to act as a prompt to encourage applications and should not be regarded as an exhaustive description of all potential types of eligible projects.