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Green Public Administration

Are you thinking of submitting your project under the theme of ‘Green PA’?

The Green Public Administration award category welcomes projects in all areas of public administration by which public sector entities directly address climate change, energy and sustainability challenges in their own activities and projects, including for the reduction of emissions and other pollutants, reduction in use of resources, promotion of efficient use of resources (including natural resources) including recycling and waste reduction and clearing up the effect of pollution.

The horizontal scope could include projects from public sector entities which relate to policy formulation, service prioritisation, service design, service delivery planning/budgeting and operational/financial management of services and including investment in research and development, skills development and infrastructure.

It could also include projects from public sector entities which implement decisions in a wide range of sectors where the public sector acts as a regulator of private sector activity (including through taxation and licensing), such as in the manufacturing, construction, transport, agriculture and maritime sectors and to promote behaviour change or private sector investment in innovation and exploitation of new technologies.


The following are projects from recent past EPSA editions which would fit into the scope of the theme ‘Green PA’:

Clean up the Atlantic – Cascais https://epsa2019.eu/files/repository/20191105092657_EPSA2019_publication_web.pdf P106

Low Emission Zone Antwerp https://epsa2019.eu/files/repository/20171123095828_EPSA2017_Publication_web.pdf P75

Room for the River https://epsa2019.eu/files/repository/20181001115436_EPSA2015_Publication_updated.pdf P91

A sustainable approach for the management of air and ground movements of aircraft https://epsa2019.eu/files/repository/20191105092657_EPSA2019_publication_web.pdf P73

Sea Traffic Management – Connecting the Business Value of the Maritime Industry

https://epsa2019.eu/files/repository/20171123095828_EPSA2017_Publication_web.pdf P69

Robby the Rat https://epsa2019.eu/files/repository/20171123095828_EPSA2017_Publication_web.pdf P90




For inspiration, on this link, you can find some information on the Commission’s priorities for ‘A European Green Deal’